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As we are educational psychologists and neuropsychologists, our assessments can take 2 forms:

Both will involve direct work with your child, where I will administer a range of ‘standardised assessments’, which are different puzzles, quizzes and pencil-paper tasks.

1) Learning Assessment: This will assess intellectual ability, social skills, behaviour and/or emotional wellbeing and provide a deeper undersanding into how they learn best and appropriate support to maximise their potential.  It can also include an assessment of specific learning differences, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and/or dyscalculia assessment.

2) Neuropsychological Assessment:  In addition to the above, these help to better understand your child’s thinking skills, memory ability, attention, processing speed, language ability, - therefore a broader look at their cognition. This will help to understand the impact of their condition, and inform intervention.

It can include an ADHD assessment

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