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EHC Application support

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The "plan-do-review" process, with EP involvement is highlighted by the SEN code of practice as being integral to the EHC application process and is key to ensuring your child gets the support that they need.


In addition, at the practice we provide support with all aspects of the EHCP application and tribunal process. 


This can involve:

  • Reviewing information and documentation parents already have available to them on their child’s needs.

  • Advising on how to gather more information to make an application of an EHCP likely to be more successful

  • Helping parents write their parental request for an EHCP needs assessment

  • Advising parents on how to gather more information on their child from their education setting to help build up a case of their child’s SEN needs and support

  • Annual review advice

  • Send support service

  • Report checking service

  • Full EHCP help from applying for a need assessment and to the LA issuing a final plan

  • Supporting the Appeal process

WE ARE NOT ADVOCATES - just there to support throughout the process 

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