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SPLD and ADHD assessments

SPLD assessment

As part of the educational psychology assessment we carry out in-depth assessments of specific learning difficulties. These include specific difficulties with working memory, processing speed, reading difficulties (such as dyslexia), maths difficulties (dyscalculia) and/or writing difficulties (dysgraphia). 


ADHD assessments

We carry out ADHD assessments that are in keeping with NICE guidelines. 

This includes:

- Assessment of cognitive functioning

- Formal assessment of attention skills

- Discussions with key adults (parents, school staff, and/or other professionals)

- Questionnaires completed by your child, parents and/or school staff

- This can also include an observation of the child in their school environment 

At present, I do not carry out ASD assessments in my private practice due to a lack of capacity. This should be a multi-disciplinary team assessment, and it is important that it is done in this way. I am happy to have a chat to sign post onto other services. 

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