Professional Background

Dr Stephanie Satariano

Chartered Educational Psychologist (EP)

I work with families and children alongside different professionals and school to promote positive change. I also have experience supporting and EHCNA application and acting as an expert witness in SEND tribunal cases, as a local authority EP and Independent EP.

EP in Neuropsychology @ Guys and St Thomas Hospital

Working in the Paediatric Neuropsychology team setting I carry out neuropsychological assessments and am involved in treatment plans for children with neurological impairments and disorders, including inherited metabolic conditions, Paediatric Stroke, Sickle Cell disease, Epilepsy, Brain Tumours, Genetic Syndromes and others.

EP in Neurodevelopmental Team @ 

St Thomas Hospital

I have formed part of a second opinion, multidisciplinary team, that provides neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessments. That includes assessments of children with a range of neurodevelopmental, cognitive and medical conditions, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectual Disability and others.

Local Authority Educational Psychologist

I have experience of working for London Local authorities, which gives me an understanding of working in such contexts, as well as how to apply for an EHC and supporting families through the tribunal process

Specialist Psychologist in Paediatric sleep - Evelina Community sleep team

As part of the Evelina Alongside specialist paediatricians, I have experience supporting families, children and young people with significant sleep difficulties. This is through direct and individualised sleep support, as well as through parent workshops. This has included children that are typically developing, as well as children that have neurodevelopmental and medical difficulties.

Clinical tutor and lecturer - Tavistock and Portman

I am a clinical tutor, lecturer and research supervisor on the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology course at the Tavistock and Portman.

Video Interaction Guidance Practitioner and Supervisor

  • Provide VIG to families to promote parent child attachment.

  • Provide supervision to trainee VIG practitioners from a range of backgrounds, including Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Education.

  • Co-run initial training days for new VIG practitioners

  • Co-facilitate accreditation days for trainee VIG practitioners.

Other relevant experience & Qualifications

  • Sit on the British Psychological Society, Faculty of Paediatric Neuropsychology Board.

  • MSc Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychology (University College London)

  • Doctorate in Child and Educational Psychology (University College London)



Publications and Research

Consulted on content of Feel Brave books

Satariano, S., De Haan, M. (2017) Investigating the impact of parental attachment on the emotional and social outcomes of premature infants when compared to full term infants, and the neurological differences. Dissertation UCL.

Satariano, S., De Haan, M. (2017). Systematic Literature Review: the child’s neuropsychological outcomes of parent-child attachment video feedback interventions

Satariano, S (2017, July) Impact of parent-child interaction video feedback intervention on child neurocognitive and neurobiological outcomes: a systematic review. Poster Presentation.

Hewitt, J., Satariano, S., & Todd, L. (2015). Increased training and support for teaching assistants: the role of video enhanced reflective practice. In Landor, M., Todd, L., & Kennedy, H. (Eds) Video Enhanced Reflective Practice. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Systematic Literature Review (2013): Understanding the educational, social and affective outcomes of Enrichment programmes for gifted and talented pupils.

Landor, M., Hatzinikolaou, K., & Satariano, S. (2014). Distance no object! Using VIG to support a school-refusing pupil with ASD. Educational Psychology in Scotland, 15, 21-29.

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